Monza Features

All the Monza theme for NBStore in a row

The NBS Monza theme features


The NBS Monza theme takes advantage of the power of NBStore and further. We have split up the display templates so that NBStore becomes for flexible to reach your goal of having a professional online store that your clients will trust.

Both the main templates (the displaylist and details templates) have been split into section templates so you can place sections of information in difference places and layouts. An example of this is the product list's category information, a separate template has been created so that you can place this information anywhere you like.

Below is a list of features so that you can see the power that the NBS Monza theme brings to the DnnCMS and NBStore


Product List features

  • Completely responsive making it easier for the viewers to buy from your store, no matter what device they are using
  • Seperent templates of functions to allow you to choose your store page layout
  • Zoom in product image to make the list interesting and stand out from your competitors
  • Clean layout so that you your viewers can find what they are looking for quickly and easily.
  • No pager, replaced by a 'Load more' button so that your viewers can just scroll the page and not re-load
  • Card style product list display for a clean look
  • Slide out buttons for favorites and a buy button keeps the list clean
  • 2 versions of the full featured template
  • 2 versions of the list template
  • Modern look sort functionality
  • Switch between list and cards functionality for the viewers to choose from
  • and much more....


Product Details features

  • 100% responsive on all devices
  • Zoom in on the main product image
  • Image gallery for more than 1 image per product
  • Stock control messaging to promote the viewer to buy
  • Modern styled rodio's and dropdowns for the product models
  • Template split in templates to allow you to display the product information where you want it
  • Separate product tab template
  • Separate related products template
  • Better models tab to be easily viewed
  • and much more....


Other features

  • Product carousel template to display a rotating card view of your main products using categories
  • 2 category menu systems to make it easy to choose which layout you want
    • Vertical category menu for displaying the categories on the side of the list
    • Horizontal category menu for displaying above the list
  • 2 different list templates to choose from, all responsive
    • 2 column list
    • 3 column list
    • 4 column list
  • 2 different mini cart templates
    • Mini cart sticking to the bottom of the site, always in view (as standard)
    • Mini cart for the side of you product list
  • Category info template so that you can set up for each category list information about the category and products as well as images etc.
  • Related product template to be placed where you want it to be
  • List template with a features in one.
  • Details template with a features in one.
  • and much more...

Mini cart sticking to the footer

Detailed product image zoom

Display the product stock

Product list loader

Switch product grid to list and back

Product carousel

100% responsive